Monday, December 26, 2011

60th recipe Breakfast in a PAPER BAG Recipe


1-2 Strips of Bacon
 1-2 Handfulls Frozen Hash Browns
 1-2 Eggs


Lunch Sized Paper Bag
 Pointed Stick
 Hot Campfire Coals


1. Open paper bag and place bacon strips on bottom.
2. Toss in potatoes.
3. Break in egg(s).
4. Close by folding down top of paper bag at least three times but leaving 3"-4" of air space above the food.
5. Insert pointed stick only through the top folded part of the bag.
6. Prop with rocks, or hold bag on the stick about 4"-5" over the hot coals for about 8-10 minutes (careful not to touch the coals or hold over flames or you'll set your breakfast on fire.)
7. When you can't stand the delicious aroma anymore and your nose is making your tummy SCREAM.....
 8. Remove from heat and pull out the stick with an oven mitt.
 9. Open the bag and fold down the paper. Eat right out of the brown bag.
 10. Throw your "dishes" in the fire (but don't forget to save the forks.)

CommentIt's good to have Leader's supervise folding the bags and inserting the sticks so there's no mistakes.

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